Amsterdam, Netherlands


Start a Garden in Amsterdam

The Netherlands are a land rich with history and classic beauty. Known for their vast fields of tulips, there is possibility of great abundance!

Our garden consultant is based in Middelburg, but travels to all areas of Zeeland, the Netherlands, and beyond. Common garden service areas include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almere Stad, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft, Hilversum, and Gouda. Although honestly, you can tempt her anywhere in the northern hemisphere, all over Europe, including Germany, Spain, and more. Or she might just seduce you to visit the Swiss Alps for a retreat weekend you will cherish forever.

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Marjolein Schuit

The Plant Doctor

My name is Marjolein Schuit and I help clients to eat out of their garden for the rest of their lives. As a garden historian specialized in vegetable gardens and a horticulture specialist, I am highly qualified to give you advice on what works for your garden. No cookie cutter approach, I always adapt my ecological advice fit to your needs and lifestyle. And I know basil magic.

Fun Facts

I travel all over the world for my clients and can even help you plan your garden remotely via Zoom. (Virtual Gardening, how fun!?)


I naturally attract this request: “Euhmm could we also do, you know, witch stuff?” So I say, “Sure, of course, it’s your day. Let’s order white sage.” 


I donate generously to Kiva after every sale I make to support farmers in places like Africa.


Garden Magic Pays It Forward!

I grew up eating moldy sandwiches. There were always excess products that we didn’t need, but food always came second or third or not. I often tell the story of how my dad found it really important to buy premium expensive peppers for spicy hot sauce but we as kids did not have anything to eat. Growing my own food and teaching others how to do it is important to me because it takes back control over basic needs such as shelter, water, and food. My clients therefore pledge to teach generation after generation how to grow their own so that everyone can eat a good healthy organic meal.

“Teach a man to garden and the whole neighbourhood gets tomatoes” is my motto! And for every sale that I make, I pay it forward donating to KIVA so that farmers can invest into their business and their family. 

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How We Can Work Together

Marjolein digging a garden in Middelburg


Vegetable Garden VIP Day

  • On-site or remotely via Zoom: Spend a day with me and sort out all your vegetable garden worries (and get rid of snails while we are at it.)
  • Includes workbook + 1 month Voxer support
  • Go from overwhelm to clarity
  • Ask me anything, some clients whisper that I have 16 bookshelves about gardening inside my head  


Premium Garden Support Package

  • On-site or remotely via Zoom
  • I will teach you all the permaculture principles but I am not making a big deal out of it 😉 
  • Let’s set up your vegetable garden together—easy, lazy, no digging, no weeding.
  • I custom order all heirloom seeds for you (no more fighting over tomato species, life is hard enough.)
  • 1 VIP day + 1 check up appointment after 3 months
  • 3 months Voxer support (“Marjolein, I am in the gardening centre, did I need to buy hard or soft wood? Help!”)


The Witch Walk: Herb Garden VIP Day

  • “Marjolein, your VIP day for vegetable gardens sounds amazing, but could we do a herb garden instead?” Among my favourite clients are witches, mages, healers, and chefs who want to go above and beyond and create their own magical herb garden.
  • “What is the difference, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?”
  • Let me show you how to order white sage and why the above quote could be harmful for you
  • Which plants are essential to you and your practice
  • Learn how to heal sick plants
  • I will instruct you on foraging, this is essential because a lot of plants grow in the wild
  • 1 VIP day + 1 month Voxer support 


Permaculture Retreat (Weekend in December – Only 6 Spots)

  • Meet me in the Swiss Alps for a luxurious five star retreat
  • Get it all done in a weekend, say no to camping in the rain and coffee ban! 
  • Let’s create a beautiful garden design together
  • Planting plan, year-round plan, crop rotation, my lazy gardening method (high yields, easy work)
  • I custom order all heirloom seeds for you 
  • Clear instructions for how to maintain it forever
  • 3 month implementation support via Voxer. 
  • Includes stay in 5-star chalet with mountain view
  • Private vegan chef (she is amazing guys!)
  • Private spa + Fireplace
  • Permaculture design certificate (PDC)

Book An Inspiration Call with Marjolein!


Get Your Free Garden Inspiration Session!

“Twelve bookshelves about gardening in her head. We were daydreaming and she will sweep you off your feet and take your deeper in your daydream. Or gets you back on the ground, and course correct if necessary.” 


“It is lovely working together with Marjolein. She has so much knowledge about every type of garden: vegetable gardens, plants, herbs, and ornamental gardens. She knows exactly what you should and should not do. Everything about gardening is equally amazing, so you want to tackle every single thing at once. She makes sure that you don’t take up too many different gardening tasks and gardening stays fun.”


“Is it an investment? Yes. But this is not information that will be lost in a day. I will pass this on to my children, and they will pass it on to their children, and their children’s children.”