Co-Creating Sacred Space


Start Your Spiritual Garden Wherever You Are

Wouldn't you love a nomadic pilgrim to visit and collaborate on designing and implementing your ecological retreat center or healing homestead? Then you are in the right place! 🙂

I travel the world and love communing with people, lands, nature beings and spirits to cultivate sacred space. There are many people who are being called to be stewards of land and new ways of living—holding space for their families and communities to experience new earth now. Are you amongst those who know they are here for this purpose?

Co-existence and collaboration are key to the world we wish to see. Our environments need to be set up to be sustainable. We benefit (both our lives and the world around us) to co-create these environments in communion with the plants, animals, fungi, and spirits of our ecosystem.

Whether you are stewarding multiple acres of wilderness or a plot in suburbia that you know is meant for more, we need more places of refuge—where nature and humans can come together to restore.

I love to go in deep. Total transformation is my thing. We will find a way to work together that meets your unique needs and co-creates a thriving environment like nowhere else. Everything from garden design/implementation to sacred sustainability systems to environmental alchemy for healing...if you want to usher in the next phase of conscious evolution in your space, it needs to be something that merges ancient earth traditions and quantum energetics beyond.

Want to co-create sacred world here in this one? If so, I'd love to collaborate with you!

Lobsterbird as a fractal image dancing near water


Sophia Remolde


Let's be who we came to this planet to be.

I am both a hybrid mythical cosmic creature (who is totally and utterly human) + your trusty co-creator of GrowMe.

I've lived multiple lifetimes within this one, so it's hard to define myself with labels. Which is why I'm a Lobsterbird. It's a thing that's not really a thing.

One thing is for sure: a world of peace and equality is totally possible. And I'd love to co-create it with you.

Fun Facts

I started dancing when I was two years old, learning how to ground being a starry being in a human body. My MFA thesis was about immigrants dancing with robots. We are meant to be present and ground infinite potential into our bodies and this earthly realm.

I worked in construction on a Buddhist temple for several years. This made me feel super tough and utterly spacious simultaneously. It was a formative experience in understanding sovereignty on one's spiritual path.

My career path started in psychology, diverged into the arts (mostly performing but totally multimedia), segued into energy healing, continued into career coaching and business-building for creatives, Forrest Gumping my way into leading spiritual pilgrimages around the world, and then to Permaculture, Alchemy, and Earth Magic. Now I combine all that to co-create sacred space and total transformation!


A Lobster and Bird Could Fall in Love,

But Where Would They Live?

I was born in a magical land, frolicking barefoot beneath the trees and swimming in the sea. My mother was an Asian Lady and my father, a White Dude. I was "supposed to be a boy," but turned out to be something in between. They claim to have found me under the apple tree.

Complex origin story aside, I was born to bridge worlds.

Communing with nature spirits as a child was commonplace, but I began to dismiss it as "imagination" so I could fit in with the rest of the world. No matter how good of a shapeshifter I was, however, something was amiss. It took an accidental pilgrimage halfway around the world in the Motherland to finally come home to who I truly was.

All of our experience weaves into the fabric of this present moment. What we do now truly matters. It is my mission to live in Sacred World, and so it is. 

Lobsterbird feeling the energy outside a teepee in Mogolia


How We Can Collaborate

Lobsterbird in Mexico hanging upside down in a tree
Lobsterbird praying in thanks to a hemlock tree with tons of Reishi mushrooms growing on it


Co-create Your Sacred Space

  • True to my style, the work will most likely be hybrid—connecting in-person in your space + remotely as needed.
  • For you, our work will depend on your specific intentions and dreams.
  • For the collective, we will design, plan, and implement the changes needed to co-create your Ecological Retreat or Healing Homestead that will benefit the world.



Quantum Alchemy

Do you have something physical or emotional that needs healing?

You are the medicine you've been searching for.

In Quantum Alchemy, you will be guided to connect with the healing materials in your environment and the necessary processes to generate internal and external transformation. No more doctors, drugs, or delegating your own power to heal.

Be the change you wish to see.


Do What You Came to This Planet To Do

Looking to get started on your Earth-based career path? To stop dreaming and start doing? Maybe you don't even know exaaaaactly what it is yet, but you want to do work you love that has a meaningful impact on the world?

Wormhole your way to your dreams and let's start now.

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Foundational beliefs and values are being uprooted globally and it can feel like chaos. Come sit with us as we look up at the stars and soak in what the sky has to offer.

The power of perspective is ours!

"Twelve bookshelves about gardening in her head. We were daydreaming and she will sweep you off your feet and take your deeper in your daydream. Or gets you back on the ground, and course correct if necessary." 


"It is lovely working together with Marjolein. She has so much knowledge about every type of garden: vegetable gardens, plants, herbs, and ornamental gardens. She knows exactly what you should and should not do. Everything about gardening is equally amazing, so you want to tackle every single thing at once. She makes sure that you don't take up too many different gardening tasks and gardening stays fun."


"Is it an investment? Yes. But this is not information that will be lost in a day. I will pass this on to my children, and they will pass it on to their children, and their children's children."


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