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We work with a diversity of people, places, and needs to get your garden growing. Our garden planners are really stewards of your dreams. They hold the space for you to tap into your own earth magic and possess the skills necessary to make the garden in your heart a reality.

Food security is at the core of our mission. When people are empowered to meet the basic level of their needs, the possibilities for their lives are endless. The ripple effects of tending to the earth include increased connection, better relationships, healing our health, and uniting our communities.

<< Love in the Time of Corona (COVID-19) has catalyzed awareness in regards to our predicament sourcing food. Supermarkets with long lines and unstocked shelves are harbingers of what might become a harsher reality in the days to come. Slaughterhouses are shutting down due to the coronavirus and literally having to dispose of their animals instead of selling them for consumption. It is a sad, strange situation we find ourselves in. We cannot rely on the old systems to provide our nourishment. However, our gardeners at GrowMe are here for you so you can start growing your own food today. >>

Below is a list of our services, which are growing every day! If you don’t see something here that you would like to achieve, please feel free to fill out our contact form. We will find the means for you to connect in a way that is 100% personalized to you.

Food sovereignty or bust! Let’s do this, people. 🙂

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Garden Services

Current services include:

Garden Planning


  • Start your garden, farm, or homestead with a custom-tailored plan for you
  • DIY or get assistance implementing and building your plant beds
  • Learn how your edible landscape can feed itself through new systems and technologies
  • Implement permaculture designs into your layout so everything is beautiful, flowing, and easy to maintain
  • Save time, money, and energy with a proper design structure established at the start
  • We have garden planners for every type of living situation—the country, suburbia, the city, you name it, we have a location expert that fits your space.

Plant Care

Edible Landscapes

  • Identify the fruit and vegetables that can grow in your climate
  • Companion planting so your plants help each other to thrive
  • How to establish fruit tree guilds
  • Bee-keeping for beginners



  • Soil Testing for quality and heavy metals
  • Soil Regeneration—what you need to do to grow plants and have nutritional food

Growing Without Soil!


  • Know exactly what to put in there/what not to put in there
  • How often to turn it
  • Learn how to Worm Compost!
  • Design your perfect composting structure/system

Farm Animal Care

  • Livestock for restorative farming
  • Caring for chickens, ducks, goats, cows, and more

Energy Collection

  • Natural heating/cooling
  • Water collection/purification
  • Systems to power your garden and homestead

Retrofitting Structures

  • Adding new features to preexisting buildings/structures
  • Adding structural support/reinforcement to your homestead

Beyond the Obvious


Arts and Gardening


  • Food preparation
  • Canning and preserves
  • Recipes straight from your garden
  • Meal planning
  • Tinctures and salves

Teaching and Speaking Events

Have a classroom, office, or event that you’d like to book a nature expert for? We can help with that too!


Community Gardens

Get the help you need planning, organizing, and maintaining your healthy community garden to feed the whole neighborhood.

If we’re missing something you want, let us know!

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How May We Serve?