How This Garden Project Started


Growing Up

Earth Magic

As a little person, I frolicked in the forests and skipped along the seashore. I lived at one with nature. After leaving home for college, it's been one continuous journey to return home.

Home is our belonging. It needs no physical location, and yet, is deeply rooted in the earth. Its comfort lies in the reciprocity of our humanity and the environment we find our selves in. We are the stewards and we are nourished by its gifts.

Be home now.

My name is Sophia Remolde, otherwise known as Lobsterbird. I lived in NYC for over a decade, exploring technology and the arts before getting my dream job dancing with robots in Japan. It was there that I would embark on an accidental pilgrimage that would change my trajectory forever.

Technology brought me back to the need for Earth-based practice and the symbiotic relationship possible between the two. Movement forms, healing arts, cultural immersion, and now developing permaculture. These led me to co-create this space, to connect us all to our deepest shared nature.

This site is my offering to the world and all of us blessed enough to be here. Thank you for being here. Your presence is everything.

beautiful diverse multicolored pumpkins

We Belong

GrowMe is a community of like-spirited beings who are passionate about food sovereignty and security for all. I jokingly call them "garden warriors," which makes me laugh because they are the most peaceful, loving group I know. That's what happens when we spend a lot of time in nature! However, it does take some of that warrior spirit to shift paradigms of power into a more equal, loving world for all.

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone started growing their own food tomorrow? The world would fundamentally shift. People would be healthier, happier, more abundant, and free of the current systems that are keeping us sick and stuck.

If everyone had access to healthy nutritional food, the medical, economic, and governing systems would have to transform. We would begin to see a world that is truly equitable for all. Isn't this the world we want to live in?

I can safely say, for our garden warriors, this is a mission worth growing towards.

Every garden planner featured on GrowMe is helping others to create sovereign food sources. And every person who starts planting their gardens today becomes a part of this brave new world. Even if you are simply gardening for fun and curiosity, we believe you are contributing to a better world.

Additionally, your contributions help us serve under-privileged communities. We donate a portion of our profits to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)—farmers and organizations working to end racism and injustice in the food system. As a new community, we are exploring our own unique way of implementing this with integrity. We promise to be totally transparent throughout out process.

Together we rise and evolve into a unified world society at peace. Everybody matters. We all have a part to play.

Let's play together and see what we can co-create!