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I live in an urban area a few minutes north of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  The flavor of our neighborhood is granola and our housing lots are wee tiny.  The thing I love about urban gardening is that you can fill your entire space with flowers for maximum impact.  By late summer, I feel like I’m living in the shire because of the bounty of blossoms and the ratio of flowers to housing, on my lot anyway.  I live in the heart of the state, which puts me 1 hour from Dayton, 1.5 hours from Cincinnati, and 3 hours from Cleveland.  Having been a soccer mom, I am familiar with all corners of Ohio.

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The Flower Alchemist

For most of my life, flower gardening has been a canvas for realizing dreams.  I am a grateful student of flowers and appreciate their shaping my gardening skills, with lessons that extend beyond the garden to relationships, my career and everyday life. I have learned that mixing flowers, water, soil, sunshine and human flesh is an alchemical process that results in a high-vibration happy, happy life.

Fun Facts

I often have neighbors who make visiting my gardens a regular part of their daily walk. It helps that I have a handsome guinea pig who loves to chat.


My curly filbert dictates what gets planted in the backyard, and boy, does he have opinions. 


I often sneak plants I don't have room for into my neighbors' yards. Imagine the surprise when a giant sunflower pops up from nowhere!


Beyond Petunias

When I was a little girl I would help in the garden, although I was always assigned to weeding so it’s a wonder I like gardening at all!  Throughout my life I have planted flowers, wherever I’ve lived.  The biggest surprise to me as an adult was how many different varieties of flowers are available and the COLORS that are possible.  I grew up with gold marigolds and purple petunias.  Seriously – there’s a world of color and joy to explore and I like to include as many varieties and colors of the rainbow possible.  

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn


How We Can Work Together

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The Full Color Experience

We will look at your yard and budget and design a garden of colorful flowers that offers you that alchemical experience of raising your vibration and surrounding you with enormous amounts of love.  I will accompany you to the garden store (via facetime, if needed) and talk about the various flowers, helping you to understand the needs of each flower and which ones are best suited for your garden and lifestyle.  I love to have a continuously blooming garden and can help you plan for that. It is also possible to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, curious insects and rare birds with the right choices. We will talk about how to prepare the soil and I will share insider planting techniques for maximum impact.  We’ll discuss feeding and watering schedules as well as maintenance (to pinch or not to pinch).  Included in this package are check-ups every two weeks where you can ask questions, show me plants that may be struggling, and share your success.  


The Healing Garden

We will begin by talking about you and where you are in your life, reviewing health, career and family goals.  Then we’ll look around your yard to see what might already be growing to support you.  Depending on your goals, we may walk through a local forest to dig up a few plants or find a native garden specialist for good quality plants. I believe every garden is a healing garden, so we will look at the rest of your yard to see how we can add color and energy.  I will coach you on care and feeding of all plants and check-in every two weeks to allow you to ask questions.  If you are interested, I can share tincture and cooking recipes for ingesting the medicine in your plants.


Connecting Deeply with Your Garden

After we plan the garden of your dreams, we will talk about ways to connect on a deeper level.  Flowers are amazing teachers, and if you pay attention, they can help your life improve in unimaginable ways.  Gardens usually come with helpers such as faeries and gnomes who are always working on your behalf. I can help you find and connect to these friends, while sharing rituals and practices that will strengthen your bond and create amazing gardens.  Over a season, I can help you grow your relationships and your garden. 


All In

If you can’t decide which package, let’s do them all!

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"The secrets of alchemy exist to transform suffering hearts into a state of bliss. This happens every day in the garden."


"The earth laughs in flowers."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I think it annoys God if you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice."

Alice Walker

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